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“After 40 years of practising and studying yoga full-time I thought there wasn’t much left to learn. I was wrong. Indispensable- A Must-Read” 

– Gregor Maehle, 
Author of Astanga Yoga : Practise and Philosophy
Mystic and Educator 
Psychology Seminars

Learn to be More Positive, Live with more Awareness, Sleep Well and Cope more easily with Anxiety and Daily life.

These sessions helped me to look at myself and my life in different ways. I realize I can rewrite my story of who I am and I can become more positive and live more in the present moment

T.F. Ireland, 2017

“As a result of the practical recommendations, I use a gratitude board at work; Increased awareness of my thoughts; a feeling of having control in my own life”

Sheila, Perth, Australia 2019

Change your brain, change your life!

Yoga Workshops & Classes

Yoga classes and workshops for groups or individuals, tailor made for your ability and needs – Beginners to Advanced.

I really like that Mary is very specific with her instructions and always checks people’s postures. Also she gives different options for poses.” Perth, 2016 

Does Yoga Work?

Now Available Print and Ebook Formats from Amazon!

Scientific evidence for the benefits of yoga practice

For the fist time, a book which presents a summary of the mountains of scientific research on yoga.  I have synthesised the key information from hundreds of scientific studies about yoga (including some of my own published work), digested the findings and present what I’ve learned in a fun and accessible way.

The Book!!

Does yoga work? What does it help for? Who does it Help?

Can it cause harm?

How much should I do?

Which style?

All these questions, and more, addressed.

Find the e-book and printed formats (Student and Premium editions) at your local Amazon store- just search for

“Does Yoga Work?”

Are you “Science Smart”? – get certified!

We live in an evidence-based world. Assure yourself, your students and clients by taking our easy certification program, based on the book “Does yoga Work?”

All applicants will be coached and assessed personally – no multiple choice questions!

Video Channel

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Are you “Pain Care Aware”?

Pain Care Aware is an ideal course for those who want to further their understanding of how to work with pain. It provides practical tips that will give the yoga teacher/therapist the confidence to work in an informed and compassionate manner with students with pain.

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