Share Your Yoga Stories!

Has yoga changed your life?

Did you come to the practice through injury, or the need for healing, and find more than you expected?

Or did practising yoga cause you injury, or expose you to abuse?

We want to hear your stories!!

Please contact us with your Yoga Journey story, and we will publish it here, anonymously, or with your details, you choose.

I have suffered severe anxiety for the past 10 years and my 20+ years of yoga practice has helped me.

By using the awareness that the practice has given to me physically, I am now able to observe my body and my breath and my thoughts as I move.

As a result, my anxiety has become less of a demon to me and more of a friend that I understand as a signal that I need to pay attention to the building pressures around me.”

Sava, Australia

I started yoga over three years ago. I’ve had a bad back for years and was getting treatment from a chiropractor and massage with dry needling. Someone said I should try yoga. 

So, I gave a local yoga teacher a call. My back hasn’t been this good for many years. I do yoga two or three times per week…. Apart for my back being a lot better, I’m fitter, more relaxed and more flexible. At 50 years old, I’m doing head stands!!   I’d recommend yoga to anyone!”

Grantski, Firefighter, Queensland

“A lady with Parkinson’s  came to my class each week for a long time, even though she couldn’t do everything, and she would just do what she could. For a few years, yoga gave her back mobility she had lost, especially in her arms. But then of course the disease took hold and she deteriorated, and we lost her last year.”

Dani, Yoga Instructor

At the end of one particularly energetic class, I lay down in savasana and unintentionally had a profound spiritual awakening. I dropped my physical body and spontaneously expanded into a supra- conscious state of ecstatic bliss, knowing my Self as ‘Oneness’ with the whole of Creation. It was as if I’d woke up from a dreary, numb, black and white dream into experiencing my Self as Life itself, beyond my known sensory perception.
It was impossible for me to view my everyday world in the same way again.

Sanna, Ireland

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